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Top Ten apps for Apple Macs 2017


VPN software for privacy – Private Internet Access With government mandating what websites you can and can’t visit and spying eyes looking over your shoulder, it’s time to take privacy and you’re right to full internet access regardless of location into your own hands. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection was once the domain of […]

Random restarts, application crashes, blue screens and kernel panics

Memory gets misinterpreted a lot by the general public. Probably due to the size measurement in Gigabytes (GB) getting thrown around for both hard drive size and memory size. What do we refer to when we talk about system memory capacity? Memory are electronic chips that communicate with the processor and provide temporary high bandwidth […]

Mac malware – where does it come from?

It’s a frequent thing to find malware on macs that come through for repair these days. Symptoms can include a general system slow down, programs that pop up shortly after you login, perhaps random web pages opening when you click on a link, or you may even find a web page stuck in full screen […]