Our software related issues and repair services doesn’t end at hardware repairs. We also handle software and operating system issues on a daily basis. We offer thorough and fixed price clean-up services for Windows and Mac OS.

Guarding your most valuable POSSESSIONS

We know the worth of your digital items but some things, such as precious photos and documents, can be invaluable to the owner.

If you have important data that is lost on a hard drive, flash drive or SSD, we can assess the situation and attempt to recover your valuable data for you, but if not possible for us to do, we can arrange for top tier providers to quote you for data recovery.

Protecting your privacy

Your documents and files are at risk of contracting viruses and malware every day. Routine check ups can prevent things from escalating, as well as ensuring that the most effective protection is in place on your computer.

However, if you start experiencing slower processing speeds, unsolicited hardware changes or fear that your digital security is being compromised, the best way to tackle this is with prompt evaluation and a professional clean up. Luckily, we have countless years of experience dealing with all sorts of security issues and can assist you with your security concern.


We’re committed to 100% customer satisfaction; by actively engaging with your requirements and current business processes we ensure the best potential outcome. We believe that you can only maintain a great reputation by consistently delivering on your promises and we work hard to do exactly that.

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