How does a brand name with 3 year warranty and next business day onsite tech support sound to you?

Many businesses make the fatal mistake of trying to save a few dollars on hardware costs upfront at the expense of solid support and warranty options.

When you buy the consumer grade products offered by discount retailers, that is exactly what you are getting – consumer grade. When you shop for your brand name business machines through us, we give you access to business grade machines from brand names that are simply not available to you through regular retailers.

We have access to brand name vendor equipment designed for 24/7 usage in all environmental conditions. The warranty options can go as long as 5 years with premium next business day support for hardware issues for your peace of mind.

You may even have an IT specialist in your business that can build you a machine and that’s great. We offer this service as well, though in our experience it is still better value to go with a brand named machine backed up by a solid warranty. Oh and they are much quicker to deploy as Windows is already installed and ready to go.

Whether you need laptops, desktops or a combination of both for your home or office, don’t risk buying the wrong machines, let us consult with you on your upcoming investment so you feel safe in your decision – whatever you decide to do.