Apple iMac upgrade for 2012 – 2017 21″ A1418 model.

Apple iMac 2012 - 2017 SSD upgrade

Apple iMac Upgrade to super fast 1TB SSD

Anyone sick of the slow performance of their Apple iMac? We offer an Apple iMac upgrade for the 2012-2017 A1418 iMacs, because they use super slow laptop hard drives as standard. We have the solution to get your iMac running much better than new without sacrificing capacity. We only use top quality parts and the Crucial MX Series fits the bill to replace the ageing hard drive inside your iMac. The $550 price is all up and includes installation, data cloning the contents of the old drive to the replacement SSD and reinstalling new double sided screen tape. The upgrade is also valid for 27″ A1419 iMacs, for a small $25 surcharge for the cost of an adapter to perform the installation. The 27″ iMacs also have user upgradeable memory and this is another alternate upgrade path for the larger iMac. If you’re looking for upgrade options for any other Macs or PC’s, please get in touch using the below form and we will offer advice on suitable upgrade paths contingent on your specific usage.