Upgrade your 2012-2018 iMac with a Samsung SSD

SSD Upgrades for iMac

SSD Upgrades for iMacs and Windows machines

Now is the perfect time to consider a Samsung SSD upgrade for your old and slow hard drive. Solid State Drives provide a new electronic media for the storage of data on your personal computer. This data consists of the operating system, your programs and settings along with user data. By moving from a mechanical electromagnetic medium to a non volatile random access memory, there are massive gains to be seen with data transfer speeds, reliability improvements and now the final piece of the puzzle has been answered – the economics of upgrading.


With prices of the SSD’s never having been lower, today is a great time to consider upgrading. Apple iMac users are our primary focus for these upgrades. The 21″ and 27″ iMacs still use mechanical hard drives and especially for the smaller 21″ iMac, the performance gains are immediately seen and appreciated. With the current iMac shape approaching 6 years of age, we have seen a big jump in the number of failing drives from the earlier models. If you’ve noticed the speed dropping over time or more spinning beach ball of doom, this could be an early indicator of potential issues with your current storage. We recommend any of our local clients to book a time to drop by for a 5 minute test of the internal drive to ascertain its health. We can than quote on any modifications, upgrades or enhancements to your system.

With Samsung drives carrying a 5 year warranty, these are the only SSD’s we use at Mac and PC Computer Repairs. Don’t be fooled into an inferior brand to save a few dollars, only Samsung and Intel SSD’s offer the kind of reliability that our technicians are proud to stand behind. With SSD upgrades for 2012-2018 iMacs starting from just $400, this is a much better option for owners looking to extend the life of their equipment.


Come in and see us today about your Mac or Windows machine. We give free advice on upgrade options or assist with new hardware purchases for equipment ready to be retired.

Happy Computing 🙂